Reputation Management Services

Do you know what is being said about your brand?

Do you know if it’s positive or negative? We do. Social SEO arms our clients with real-time data and analytics packaged in an easy-to-digest form to continually drive strategy and content creation as well as enable quick reaction to both positive and negative consumer sentiment. Our team will stay abreast with the trends in your industry, tracking and digesting the conversations around your brand.

Reputation Monitoring + Quick Response & Mitigation = Positive Branding

When building a company’s reputation there is a process and structure to follow.

Have you searched for the name of your company online? Many companies are surprised by the results. The vast majority of information about companies appearing online is published on independent websites or blogs, which companies have little, if any, influence over.

Just as media trends change, so do online issues faced by companies. Social SEO deals with all enquiries confidentially. We provide advice and support within a range of contexts, from dealing with specific issues through to developing a content strategy for your company, and provide best practice advice for managing executive reputation. We help you to dominate for your own online company name search.

What You Can Expect


Quckly resolve customer complaints


Shows that your business cares about customer service.


Earns your customer’s trust


Increases your transparency


Creates more positive word-of-mouth about your brand.


Helps you identify your company’s opportunities


Grows your presence on the digital channels your customers frequent.


Encourages online endorsements


Every internet reputation management campaign begins with a thorough research phase. First, we identify the subject’s (that’s you or your company) top search phrases. These might include variations on names, key titles or services, and other phrases that searchers readily associate with you. Components of our research include:

Search Result Removal

We look at legal solutions as well such as DMCA take-down requests and other legal methods. If we do employ legal reputation solutions we will often do it simultaneously with suppression or protection campaigns. Other removal tactics may include YouTube video removal, NoIndex removal, removing search results from Google, and other techniques.

Comprehensive Analysis

Then, we initiate a comprehensive online reputation management diagnostic. We identify the top search results for each search phrase, grouping them into categories. We then analyse and score baseline results for use now and as a success metric later.

Competitive Research

We then conduct a gap analysis, drawing out key differences between your competitor results and yours, paying particular attention to websites on our list of strong domains that tend to rank highly in search results. The gap analysis illuminates potential reputation threats and opportunities.

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Profile Ranking

A big mistake many in the reputation management field make is to register social profiles at dozens or hundreds of sites and point links to as many as possible, hoping that some will take over those top rankings. This actually dilutes the effectiveness of the strategy, as those links could be consolidated across a few powerful profiles instead, often with much greater effect.
That said, another big mistake is presuming that just registering a profile is enough to take over the rankings. My experience has been that participating heavily in the sites (for example, on Flickr, uploading lots of photos and sets, making lots of friends, getting others to comment on your photos, etc) can be more valuable to help those profiles rank than just earning external links. This is why if you’re passionate and active on a community like DeviantArt, Quora, Armor Games or another niche social site, those can outrank even the big guns of the social world. Regular, authentic participation is key.

Challenging defamatory or unsubstantiated content online.

It is possible to challenge content on websites, profiles, forums and search engines. Our knowledge of the relevant legislation is sought out by individuals and companies globally, particularly, where the content is deemed to be defamatory, inaccurate or unsubstantiated.

We help clients manage comments made online and to challenge potentially damaging content. Wherever possible, SocialSEO helps customers remove content from blogs, social and professional media profiles, review sites, press and forum sites.

Review Management Strategy

Online reviews are an emerging and increasingly important market phenomenon. Reviews play a large role in consumer decision-making providing not only product information but, more importantly, reporting other consumers’ experiences with the product.
No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to please everyone. Within customers groups, there will always be people that form a negative view toward some aspect of your company. Negative reviews are a part of business and contingency plans should be in place to mitigate this sentiment. This is another factor as to why obtaining positive reviews should be the main focus. By bolstering the amount of positive reviews, these few disgruntled customers will be less prominent when they do surface. Follow a pro-active strategy in dealing with customers that are spreading negative reviews online.

Thought Leadership

Business growth can be enabled in many ways, yet most corporations still focus on the most traditional ways – whether sales, new products, new markets, new brands, mergers and acquisitions, etc. What many corporations don’t seem to value and/or understand is the power of knowledge sharing. Let’s face it, we are all being challenged to deal with change management in every aspect of our business and no one has all of the answers that the 21st century global market has presented us with. As such, this represents a unique opportunity for corporations and their leaders to cross pollinate knowledge with clients and strategic partners to enable growth and innovation through the power of thought leadership.

Online crisis communications

Even more than offline crises, online crisis management requires you to be first, be right, be credible and be empathetic.

SocialSEO will monitor your online reputation, track what people are saying about you and your brand and respnd immediately, and effectively, to an online crisis .

Reputation Monitoring + Quick Response & Mitigation = Positive Branding